Create storyboards and visuals using NOTCH.

You can quickly and freely create a visual and receive feedback from the client.


I reinterpreted and imagined the avatar and worked on it.

The experience of going to Disney World Epcot in Orlando (USA) was very helpful.

Pandora has been implemented in Epcot and it looks fantastic.

I wanted to transfer the emotions I felt there into Immersive Media Art.

I also looked up a lot of avatar trailers and water-related materials.

Various visuals were produced, and in particular, visuals were created focusing on interactions with the guest.

All the work was made with NOTCH only.


The system was too heavy to play in real time, so I separated the layers.

It was divided into three stages: alpha sequence, interaction, and compositing sequence.

Interaction was possible for up to 30 people, and optimization(30fps) was focused.

What is important in optimization is that the artwork is maintained as much as possible.


Twenty-one projectors and six Hokuyo sensors were connected and operated.

Although the number of projectors was a little disappointing due to the small blending area,

the simulation was conducted with an optimal estimate.

The interaction server was optimized using NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090.

The final goal of the system team was to control the temperature and stabilize the frame.



As the main media art content and trailer content were screened in order,

the guest and the floor were interacted normally.

Many guests came and liked and loved Avatar.