To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the launch of Zero Sugar Soju ‘Saero’,

Lotte Chilsung Beverage opened the ‘Saero 02-57 Cave’ pop-up store at ‘There Batate’,

a cultural complex located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul from September 9 to 25.


The production period was short, so we proceeded with visual work first.

The background and sources required for production were created with

Ai Image Generator and the 3D Scene was lightly worked.


We worked on the entire scene using NOTCHVFX and Cinema 4D during the One month of production.

We tried to create interesting and interesting expressions and the best results.

It's as easy and fast as possible, but beautifully.

1. Purifying Room


2. Deep Cave Room


3. Tasting Room



The content was played separately into main content and interaction content.
I have been using the HapQ Codec Alpha, but it was randomly unstable when uploaded to the player.

So, NotchLC Codec Alpha was used for the first time.
NotchLC Codec is very stable, and the 10-bit quality difference makes a big difference.


Deep cave room interaction alpha contents using NotchLC.


1. Purifying Room

Micro immersive interaction room with 5 projectors and 1 Ir sensor.

2. Deep Cave Room

Interaction immersive room equipped with 8 projectors, 2 Lidar sensors and 3 Ir sensors.

3. Tasting Room

An interaction table device equipped with 2 projectors and 1 depth camera.